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How do we start or switch to Drug Test Midwest?


Step 1; New companies

If your company is new to drug testing, DON'T WORRY! It is very easy.  Just call us, tell us what you're interested in, any questions you may have and we do the work from there!

Want to switch to us?

If you want to switch to Drug Test Midwest / DoubleCheck Background Screening from another company.  This is easy as well.

Tell us what you're currently doing, and we can tell you how we can make your life easier through us!  We're extremely easy to work with!

Lab/MRO setup

We can setup your DOT or nonDOT Lab/MRO account for no charge.  The details of what you want, we can work with you and make it easy.

How do employees get tested?

Most companies, once they give a job offer to an applicant, give our info to the applicant to schedule their own test.  Once the applicant comes in, we do the test and email you the results.

We'll work out the finer details, but that is the jist of it!